Ach, finally, a night off.

Despite the fact that I've been sleeping better lately, I feel kind of out-of-it this evening. Kind of sick, I don't know. On top of that I bit my tongue yesterday so now it stings whenever I move it. I think you ought to know I'm feeling very depressed. Actually I'm not depressed, but, eh, you know.

I played a bit of multiplayer UT deathmatch earlier tonight. Let it be said that I hate those stupid deathmatch maps that take place in a giant garage/bedroom/kitchen/bathroom. I just cannot comprehend how idiotic they are. It takes forever to get from one end to the other, antigravity is always enabled, and all the players have leet speak names. Luckily, I was able to introduce a number of them to the business end of my flak cannon.

I got a new computer case this week, my third this year. This one is a mid-tower, it's black, made of aluminum, and has cold cathode tubes within it that provide much bling bling. It's got a X-sectional window on one side and seven (!) 80mm fan vents. It also has 10 (!) drive bays -- in a mid-tower case! (After moving my drives over, I have 3 drive bays left.) Best of all, it keeps things much quieter than the full tower it replaced. It also keeps it about 5°C cooler.

In worse news, my toilet has broken. The cable that connects the drainy-pully-thingy to the flush handle snapped. Anybody have any idea how to fix that without getting new parts? I'd call my landlord and have him fix it, but that means I'd have to clean the place up first, and I won't feel like doing that until tomorrow.

Finally, I always was dead-certain that Queen performed Mr. Roboto, but tonight I found out it was Styx, which doesn't make any sense to me. Surely, that's Freddie Mercury's voice, and the song just shouts out "early 1980s Queen," but I guess not.


Oh, one more thing. I keep reading about the movie adaptation of the Gaiman/Pratchett novel Good Omens, which I have been eagerly awaiting for the past 12 years. So, like any drooling fanboy, I've decided to come up with a a cast list for it that would be used in an ideal world.

Since it's not an ideal world by any stretch of the imagination, this will never work. But, I'll post it anyway. Here it is. (See this node for a list of characters in the novel.)

Crowley: Alan Rickman
Aziraphale: Eddie Izzard
Agnes Nutter: Judi Dench
Newton Pulsifer: Cary Elwes
Sergeant Shadwell: Walter Sparrow (a/k/a Duncan from Robin Hood: Prince of Theives and Maurice from Ever After) (err... scratch that. He died on May 31, 2000. Pity, he'd have been perfect for the role.)
Anathema Device: Kate Beckinsale
Hastur: Malcolm McDowell
Ligur: Rowan Atkinson
Pollution: Craig Charles
War: Saffron Burrows
Famine: David Bowie
DEATH: CG, voiced by Terry Gilliam (also directing)
Metatron: Jonathan Pryce
Madame Tracy: Joanna Lumley

The Them, the nuns, the Tibetans and all the rest are beyond my vision of casting. However, I think the above would make a cracking main cast, don't you? They're all British (apart from Eddie Izzard, who is Irish, but that's close enough -- I'm sure he'd have no trouble playing a stuffy, effete British book shoppe owner/angel in disguise) and the novel takes place in the UK. Sounds good to me.

Well...nice thunderstorm last night - quite frankly it down several trees and lines across Ohio, but also 5 trees in the general area around the house here.

This is the final weekend also before school - but today is a commuter school meeting, yippie. This is also the final weekend for my car to not have marathon runs between Cleveland, Akron, Kent and Atwater (all in Ohio.

My course load this semester is split between two colleges and includes: Intro to College (ha finally taking my 3rd year into the gig), Creative Writing, Photography, Shakespeare, and last but not least Career Exploration (need to give my butt a kick start to finish already).

Another depressing thing I heard yesterday was the cancellation and firing of Opie and Anthony the two shock jocks that were syndicated into Cleveland from New York. Although they were at times vulgar they were funny - even my mother and father listened to it! (and they're in their 50s which all of their friends listen to Rush Limbaugh and they listened to O&A )<\p>

- The rumor now is that Clearchannel might pick them up, but personally (at least in this region) CC is too conservative for them. Let's hope where ever they go it'll once again be syndicated!

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