On August 23, 1999 my pet project (building some dumb terminals and deploying 'em to users who don't need much power) became an official project, but on the way home my rear tire went flat after I hit a pothole and I had to walk my bike ~12 blocks in the hot sun.


On August 23, 1999 I turned 20 years old. A strange age, the beginning of the 3rd decade, but still a good age I think. A time for growth, not yet a time for reflection.

Between Illinois and Pennsylvania

Left Chicago. Drove through Ohio. The shades and tree’d underbrush reminding me of space, of trips when I was younger, of California and roads and the fogginess of travel – dizzy from so much motion. Quit starbucks on Tuesday. Making it distant – becoming a stranger to them and Chicago and being no one but a traveler – something between running from and chasing after – not a wanderer, but wondered by world and woman and the weight of a clear lens. Would wish true

Christina and me in the pool. Tickled by shivers. Tinkering…

Bathing suit drips in the corner of the room – wrote Lilly a letter, completed Juliette

Bad habits

Teeth sore – need dental insurance – Headache all day – especially in the pool – I attributed this to caffeine withdraw – cigarettes don’t help – chlorine in my eyes – there must be a way to infuse every waking moment with glory – to be infused – made 470+ miles – said goodbye to Jane last night – we spent the afternoon together – went loft looking with Josh & Gene in the morning – first Saturday outside of starbucks I can remember – lots of traffic & people – ate breakfast at the Melrose – good time – have been feeling increasingly good in my body and mood since I left el Grande Café. Zac told me to keep in touch, ‘Something is gonna happen’ he said to me on the street corner, I felt melancholy, he told me to take off for a while – I think I just might.

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