I am changing SO MUCH with this being possessed by Friend Behr experience. It has changed MOST OF MY CORE MORAL BELIEFS!!!

Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Swilling. I am a psychiatrist with a home practice. Call for an appointment today. I really need the money.

Recently, I began going to illegal underground strip clubs. And what I have been doing at these illegal underground strip clubs has involved shoving dollar after dollar into one stripper after another's lace thingy! What a life Friend Behr has me living! I have been SO CHEATED BY LIFE UP TO THIS POINT. But I am on the comeback trail. I definitely am. And I am going to start ENJOYING THE LIFE that I am no longer BEING CHEATED OUT OF. Oh, so many whores in my bed last night. So. Many. Whores. So many. What a TIME!

We could have the next Nodermeet here. At the illegel underground strip club. They go completely nude here and they pull no punches. WOW! Great place for the next Nodermeet. No one will be offended. Some of the strippers have active sores. Just something to keep in mind. You know, if you are coming here to the illegal underground strip club where they go completely nude on stage and just walking around, it is something to keep in mind. Think about it. That's all I'm saying.

I feel so alive at Nodermeets. I've been to three since I took over Friend Behr's account here after killing him through medical malpractice and then becoming possessed by his dark soul. What a wonderful world. Wonderful. Come here. I have rusty garden shears and I AM thinking about your testicles. How low they hang. Snippity-snip. Snip. Hah ha! I'm serious. Call for an appointment. I work on a sliding scale. You have THINGS you want to talk through with a PROFESSIONAL? I am a PROFESSIONAL. Call me. I have a PROFESSIONAL secretary who can take phone messages.

How many summer camps have you people been to? Same one every year? Different ones? Tell me more about it over a cup of coffee. I really care about you. I want to sit down over coffee with you and talk about what I care about in you. I care about things that are INSIDE YOU. I care a lot about you. A LOT. I think about you in the shower. I'll shake your hand. IN MY OFFICE AFTER YOU SCHEDULE AND PRE-PAY AN APPOINTMENT. Call the number. You want to. You need to. I get you that way.

Let us have an experience together. In a cave. How about it? We can talk about it at the next Nodermeet.

I would like to embrace you inside A CAVE. Maybe there is one near the next Nodermeet. We can scamper up there like children. And I'll crush your head with a rock. Would you ENJOY being in a damp, dark cave with me and then having me pick up a rock and hit you with force in the back of the head with it? And then you can be the subject of a police procedural. Wouldn't you like that? Wouldn't you love that? Would it make you wet? Being on television? Played by a third-rate model with NO ACTING EXPERIENCE on a network television police procedural? Does that do it for you, baby?

How many of your feelings do you share with people you've just met in a coffee shop? Twenty percent? Ten? Let me know. Tell me over coffee.

I am not real surprised at what you've accomplished with your life. After all, most of you people on this website went to school in the toilet. I know. I hear those crazy voices in my head.


Medically yours,

Dr. Peter Swilling

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