So so far this week, there's been a slow, steady, Chinese-water-torture series of small questions as to whether or not I'd like to relocate myself to a far better country and more wonderful city, because the Greenbelt, because the Rideau Canal, and so forth. I understand patriotism and I don't begrudge these folks it at all. It's a lovely country and a beautiful city.

But every objection I had, and they're legitimate ones: it's an expensive city. Things cost way more. Higher taxes. Salaries are far lower. The currency isn't worth as much... all were met with "but we get free health care." "But free health care." "Yes, I know, but that health care, it's free." "Did I mention the free health care." 

In the breakroom I hear that a co-worker's son was injured playing lacrosse, injuring his shoulder. And he was annoyed at the cost of the physio that was going to be required. Resetting his shoulder is something a doctor either can't or won't do - that's referred to a physiotherapist.

To which I put my foot in it by saying "Cost? But I thought the health care was free."

Which to me was an innocent question: in a moment of fatigue I'd asked what I thought was a simple, fact-based question. All week it's been a mantra "yeah, well at least our health care is free". "We get health care WITHOUT A BILL." "See, this is my health card. Not insurance. I get sick, I get hurt, I get immediate single payer, no cost to me."

So "I'm having to find money in my budget for health care costs" was a needle scratch to me, and I asked the question without thinking.

It came across as passive aggressive, but I swear I just was curious. I didn't expect a nose job to be paid for, but surely to God if someone separates or dislocates a shoulder that's covered right?

Things are at a cordial detente.


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