I am in a very, very strange land. It's like Minnesota and Seattle had a baby.

And people don't say "aboot" or flap their heads back and forth, but they do call each other "buddy" all the time. The money is strange monopoly money with clear parts in it and their Starbucks is a donut store that sells more sandwiches and coffee than donuts, even though it's named after a hockey player.

I am a stranger in a strange land, surrounded by exotic people with very weird accents. Some of them seem like, insanely, in a sort of Breakfast Club timewarp where at the prom the football star finally shyly admits he always thought the Goth chick in the drama club was kinda cute and they hook up during the afterparty - an NPR charity drive and a monster truck rally got really wasted together and nine months later had some bizarre children - the love child of Garrison Kieler and Miley Cyrus. In a completely trippy way - and I'm not insulting anyone I hope with that exceedingly gonzo image.

They keep wanting to assimilate me. They want me to eat cheese curds with gravy, try their gas station coffee and exclaim that their mass produced beer is better than our microbrews. Not in an insulting fashion - but in the hope, like some kind of hidden camera coffee commercial, that I go "OH MY GOD I'VE BEEN DRINKING CANADA ALL ALONG?"

I will report back as the week goes on.

The introverted thinker got back from Thailand on Wednesday night. I worked, drove into Seattle, found the extroverted feeler's job address, he and I drove to Tukwila. We dumped the van and took the light rail to the airport. The IT's plane landed at 7:50 on time and then the group of families slowly built outside the international gate until 8:45 when the group came out. Much hugging and joy. Retrieved a box each from baggage and more hugs of the group to each other and we took the light rail again. She was hungry so on to Safeway in the van. Food. She and her brother cooked pasta and sauce and fruit and avocado and ice cream for dessert. She brought her brother a painting of elephants.... done by.... I guessed first: the elephants at the elephant rescue place.

I went to sleep on the couch at 10:30. They stayed up until midnight. I woke her at 5 and we took the van to the Bainbridge ferry and home. Showered and dressed and off to work, tired. Very glad to have her home.

Her house was the one with the five foot snake. She is less worried about college. She wants a big school with an engineering program and a teaching program. She wants to go back sometime. She was gone for a month....

I am almost caught up with sleep. July was so exhausting with my office changing so much.

And one more year of high school and the IT is away away.....


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