I absolutely believe that fictional characters, objects or events do have a place on Everything. Node them all you want.
Node each single one of the 5715 hairs on the butt of the 17th Orc in the 5th row of the right wing of the Mordorian forces
in the battle for Minas Tirith, if you feel a particular attachment to them, or believe that it will bring you XP and C!s. But, for
heaven's sake, put your fictional writeups into the right frame of reference! The tiny little fact that it's not real deserves to
be mentioned, don't you think? I really wonder what the generations to come will think about us if they read nodes such as
Nagini or Underground Tokyo (and pretty much everything linked there). Most likely, they'll believe we were a bunch of nutcases maintaining only a loose acquaintance with reality...

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