Atlantis was, quite possibly, the best brothel in the world. It was closed in Spring 2004 amidst allegations of tax evasion and other infractions.

It is located in Altenstadt Germany, about 40km north of Frankfurt am Main near highway 45, and was opened in the fall of 2000. Its interior resembles a spa with indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, two saunas and a steam bath, work-out area and professional massage. Entrance fee is 65 euros, which includes non-alcoholic beverages as well as dinner buffet on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays. (On the other weekdays, food can be ordered from the nearby restaurants.) Several TVs show porn movies. Men wander about wrapped in towels. About 30-50 women, completely nude (except on "dessous day" Wednesday), swarm around and offer their services. Most are in their twenties and quite good looking, from Germany, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

The price for half an hour sex is 50 euros; this normally includes french kissing, fellatio without a condom, cunnilingus, and intercourse with a condom. Extra services, such as fellatio with swallowing or anal sex, have to be negotiated separately and typically cost another 50 or 100 euros. Foreplay usually starts in the open area on a couch and sex takes place in one of the private rooms. Alternatively, one can have sex in the tent or in one of the huts outside, or on the public bed inside. Payment occurs after the act, directly to the woman.

Unlike many other brothels, Atlantis also admits female guests and couples. Everyone, even the working women, pay the regular entrance fee.

In late 2002, the web site, a discussion forum about prostitution in Germany, conducted a survey to find the best German brothel prostitute. The winner, "Angelika" or "Angelique", is originally from Siberia, works in Atlantis and was honored there in January 2003. In a similar vote at the end of 2003, Angelika won second place.

Some of the women have pimps, as is evident if one observes the scene at the end of the shift at 4am when the women are picked up by their "friends". Some women stay overnight in Atlantis, for 15 euros per night in a room to be shared with three other women.

Prostitution is legal in Germany. Some of the working women are illegal immigrants and the police occasionally carry out raids because of this. Sometimes customers are ordered by the police to produce identification, but they face no other consequences.

Regular STD and HIV tests are not required of prostitutes in Germany anymore, and most women do not get them.

The women net on average 4000 euros per month working at Atlantis. In principle the women have to pay taxes on that amount, but they rarely do.

There are many similar brothels in Germany, most of them smaller. They are known as "FKK clubs", where "FKK" stands for "Freikörperkultur", the German word for nudism. A list can be found at

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