Atlanta, Indiana is a very small town located between Tipton and Cicero in Hamilton County, on highway 19, about 30 miles north of Indianapolis. It's claim to fame is The New Earth Festival, though it has a rich history of it's own.

Currently, the city is mainly a slowly expanding residential area with a few random shops and cafe's, as well as a place of fine dining (Fletcher's), and a bed and breakfast (The Asher Walton House). There is a single, prominent east-west main street which unfortunately does not directly hit highway 19. A selling point for the town is that is has no chain restaurants or stores. It boasts it's own library, post office, and other vestiges of town-hood, though the youth of the town attend the nearby Hamilton Heights school system in Arcadia.

As a point of interest, the city also hosts Civil War re-enactments; see the town web page for details. Also, the Indiana Historic Museum train runs through the town now and then.

It is in very close proximity to nearby Arcadia to the south, so that a traveler might confuse the two.

Yes, I do technically live in Atlanta, but I live a few miles away and in a different county so I had a different school system, etc.

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