Lights go partially down - not all the way - on the BAR, come up on the mainstage, which is set with the KOPI coffeehouse. A Panera-esque lounge area is on stage center-left. Some tables and chairs are stage right. RILEY is pacing across the entire stage, while CASEY, DAKOTA, and CAMERON are all in the lounge area.

RILEY: Anyone know where Charlie is? She’s already twenty minutes late.

CASEY: I thin-

RILEY: I'm sorry, Casey, I was asking the smart people.

DAKOTA: She’ll be here. We’ve known Charlie for what, five years? She always comes through for us.

CASEY: Yeah.

RILEY: Well, she’s not here right now. We agreed to meet at four. We need to finish making this movie.

CAMERON: I don’t think you’re allowed to say “finish”.

RILEY: Alright, we need to start making this movie. Anyone have ideas for a story line?

CASEY: We could -

RILEY: Casey, please stop speaking. (Beat.)  Thanks. (RILEY paces more intensely, muttering short phrases to themselves. DAKOTA fusses with his phone.)

CAMERON: (To DAKOTA.) Who ya texting?

DAKOTA: Someone.


DAKOTA: Someone.

CASEY: Is it Jessie?


CAMERON: Ooh, Dakota. Sneaking the girlfriend?

DAKOTA: Jokingly. Stop it.

CAMERON: Mixing work and play, huh?

DAKOTA: Come on, Cam.

CAMERON: Or does she still count as work? Tell us, Dakota. She have you whipped?

DAKOTA: Shut up.

CAMERON: (Motions as if he were cracking a whip.) Wa-pow! (They snicker. Beat.)

CASEY: (Helpfully.) He's saying that you're whipped.

CAMERON: Thanks, Casey.

DAKOTA: Yeah, I got that.

CASEY: Sorry.

DAKOTA: So, explain again how we got stuck working with Riley?

CASEY: Cameron, Charlie and I were planning on making the movie together, then Riley came up to us and kinda forced her way into the group.

CAMERON: It’s just one project.

RILEY: (Turning back to the group.) Come on guys, think! I want this movie to be perfect. Perfect!

CAMERON: Perfect?

RILEY: Perfect! Everything about our project and presentation needs to be perfect!

CAMERON: (Snickers.) What are you going to do if the projector breaks while we’re presenting?

RILEY: I might kill someone.

DAKOTA: You and I have very different definitions of perfect.

RILEY: Think.


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