(Lights go partially down on the BAR, back up on the main stage, which is set for KOPI. where the lounge area is absolutely covered in paper. Everyone is doing their own thinking, when Casey looks at their watch.)

CASEY: Guys, it’s almost nine. Want to go grab something to eat?

CAMERON: Actually, now that you mention it -

RILEY: Casey, stop talking. We don’t want to hear you whine. Why are you even here right now?

CHARLIE: Oh shut up.

RILEY: Excuse me?

CHARLIE: I said shut up.

RILEY: I'm not about-

CHARLIE: It means stop talking. Now, I don't know exactly what the chip on your shoulder here is from, but let me try to explain something to you. You aren't special. You are a person of roughly average intelligence, with zero people skills and without a funny bone in your body. Meanwhile, you are attempting to set yourself up as dictator over what I’d be willing to call a relatively talented group of actors and writers. If you would just stop talking and listen to the people around you, you'd realize that there are some great ideas coming out of this group which -- for some unknown reason -- you won't even give the time of day. And honestly, I don’t really want to know what your problem is. You know why I was so late today? It was because I was driving around town, wasting time. I decided I wasn’t about to let you just tell me - just dictate to me -when I could or could not show up. Look around you, right now. You are not better than a single person at this table. There is no reason for you to be steamrolling over their ideas and acting superior when you yourself have yet to contribute a single thing to this project.

(Slight pause, lights intensify on the bar. This next line is directed towards Charlie.)

TAYLOR: Wow. (Lights dim again on the BAR.)

CHARLIE: Now, Casey brought up a good point. We’ve been working in this coffee shop for the past five hours, and a change of scenery can’t hurt us. Meanwhile, this place closes in fifteen minutes, and, if it wasn’t obvious from this outburst, I’m hungry. Casey, Cam, you guys want to go grab something to eat?

CASEY: Y-yeah!


CHARLIE: Now I’m not saying you’re not invited. I’m just saying that if you’re planning on being as nasty as you have been so far today, you may as well not come. Let’s go. (Pause as the three start to leave. RILEY grabs literally everything from the table and runs after the group.)


RILEY: I’m hungry.

CHARLIE: (Not excited, more matter-of-factly:) Great. Let’s go.

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