Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 89

Now that of absence the most irksome night
   With darkest shade doth overcome my day;
   Since Stella's eyes, wont to give me my day,
Leaving my hemisphere, leave me in night;
Each day seems long, and longs for long-stayed night;
   The night, as tedious, woos th' approach of day:
   Tired with the dusty toils of busy day,
Languished with horrors of the silent night,
Suffering the evils both of day and night,
   While no night is more dark then is my day,
Nor no day hath less quiet then my night:
   With such bad-mixture of my night and day,
That living thus in blackst winter night,
   I feele the flames of hottest summer day. 
Sir Philip Sidney

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