Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 66

And do I see some cause a hope to feed, 
Or doth the tedious burden of long woe 
In weakened minds quick apprehending breed 
Of every image which may comfort show? 
   I cannot brag of word, much less of deed, 
Fortune wheels still with me in one sort slow; 
My wealth no more, and no whit less my need; 
Desire still on the stilts of fear doth go. 
   And yet amid all fears a hope there is, 
Stolen to my heart since last fair night, nay day, 
Stella's eyes sent to me the beams of bliss, 
Looking on me while I looked other way: 
   But when mine eyes back to their heaven did move, 
   They fled with blush which guilty seem'd of love.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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