Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 65

Love, by sure proof I may call thee unkind, 
That givest no better ear to my just cries; 
Thou whom to me such my good turns should bind, 
As I may well recount, but none can prize: 
   For when, nak'd boy, thou couldst no harbour find 
In this old world, grown now so too, too wise, 
I lodgd thee in my heart, and being blind 
By nature born, I gave to thee mine eyes; 
   Mine eyes! my light, my heart, my life, alas! 
If so great services may scorned be, 
Yet let this thought thy tigerish courage pass, 
That I perhaps am somewhat kin to thee; 
    Since in thine arms, if learn'd fame truth hath spread,
    Thou bear'st the arrow, I the arrow head.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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