Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 63

O grammar rules, O now your virtues show; 
   So children still read you with awful eyes, 
   As my young dove may, in your precepts wise, 
Her grant to me by her own virtue know: 
For late, with heart most high, with eyes most low, 
   I craved the thing which ever she denies; 
   Shee, lightning love, displaying Venus' skies, 
Least once should not be heard, twice said, 
   No, no. Sing then, my muse, now Io Pæn sing; 
   Heaven's envy not at my high triumphing, 
But grammar's force with sweet success confirm: 
   For grammar says, (O this, dear Stella, weigh), 
   For grammar says, (to grammar who says nay?) 
That in one speech two negatives affirm!  
Sir Philip Sidney

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