Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 56

Fie, school of patience, fie! Your lesson is 
   Far, far too long to learn it without book: 
   What, a whole week without one piece of look, 
And think I should not your large precepts miss! 
When I might read those letters fair of bliss 
   Which in her face teach virtue, I could brook 
   Somewhat thy leaden counsels, which I took 
As of a friend that meant not much amiss. 
   But now that I, alas, do want her sight, 
What, dost thou think that I can ever take 
In thy cold stuff a phlegmatique delight? 
No, patience; if thou wilt my good, then make 
   Her come and hear with patience my desire, 
   And then with patience bid me bear my fire.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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