Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 27

Because I oft in dark abstracted guise  
   Seem most alone in greatest company, 
   With dearth of words, or answers quite awry, 
To them that would make speech of speech arise; 
They deem, and of their doom the rumour flies, 
   That poison foul of bubbling pride doth lie 
   So in my swelling breast, that only I 
Fawn on my self, and other do despise. 
   Yet pride I think doth not my soul possess 
(Which looks too oft in his unflatt'ring glass): 
But one worse fault, ambition, I confess, 
That makes me oft my best friends overpass, 
   Unseen, unheard, while thought to highest place 
   Bends all his powers, even unto Stella's grace.  
Sir Philip Sidney

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