Astrophil and Stella

Sonnet 104

Envious wits, what hath been mine offence,
   That with such poisonous care my looks you mark,
   That to each word, nay sigh of mine, you hark,
As grudging me my sorrow's eloquence?
Ah, is it not enough, that I am thence,
Thence, so far thence, that scarcely any spark
   Of comfort dare come to this dungeon dark,
Where rigour's exile locks up all my sense?
   But if I by a happy window pass,
If I but stars upon mine armour bear;
Sick, thirsty, glad (though but of empty glass):
Your moral notes straight my hid meaning tear
   From out my ribs, and, puffing, proves that I
   Do Stella love: fools, who doth it deny? 
Sir Philip Sidney

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