Automated cash machines are in a perfect position to be used for distributed and automated assassination. They are extremely pervasive, hundreds of thousands of them comprise a network encircling the globe. ATM's are equipt with a device to read an identification card, require confirmation by access code, and frequently have video surveillance built in. This allows a target to be immediatly identified, verified, and then assassinated. All that is required is for their identification number to be flagged in the system for either death or partial maiming. There is the added bonus of this penalizing (and thus prevention through fear) anyone who would circumvent bank policy and give others their ATM number and card. Also, ATM ettiquite requires other patrons waiting in line to withdraw money to stand a good distance back from the person using the machine at the time. This will help reduce the chances of inflicting casualties on innocent bystanders while murdering the target. The ATM could accomplish the goal through a variety of means, projectile weapons and electric shock are perhaps the most straightforward. This is a magnificant idea, I know, I will acquire a patent on it very soon so dont be getting any ideas into your grubby heads.

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