“But it is the longing for what cannot be that moves
the world from night to morning"
Russell Hoban- playwright, author


In a world of dichotomies, this it is the one with which I am most familiar. A strong desire paired with an unmet goal. And so often this intense passion is for something; someone that we cannot obtain. I disagree with Mr. Hoban that it moves the globe, but I might suggest it is more similar to the moon. As the moon has phases, so does our longing. Sometimes a distant whisper, other times a constant refrain. The ocean responds to the moon as we react to our unmet desires. Just as tides have their ebbs and flows so do our unrequited aches come and go ~ rise and fall.

Passion unrealized is not gravitational pull, but it is no small force in the lives of man. Ask Fitzgerald- ask Hughes. Ask anyone who has loved and lost. The gap between want and have is filled with infinite energy. You will recognize the tug when you feel it. I know it by heart.



thanks to JudyT

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