• 4-7 asparagus spears (or more if you have wimpy thin asparagus.)
  • big handful of scallops (clam meat works well too)
  • 3-4 T butter
  • 5-6 T lemon juice
  • handful of almonds, crushed
  • handful of cashews, whole
  • handful of snow peas
  • Tarragon & dried black fungus, to taste


1. In a frying pan, heat butter, crushed almonds and lemon juice until butter is melted.
2. Add seafood, cashews, fungus, and tarragon. Simmer on low heat for 10-15 minutes, or until scallops are cooked.
3. Add snowpeas and simmer for another minute.
4. Raise to high heat until bubbling vigourous, and add asparagus. Cook for 20-30 seconds, turning with a fork to ensure all sides are evenly cooked. When asparagus is a bright green all over but still firm and stiff, remove from heat. Serve immediately with bread. Mmm.

serves 1 or 2 people. for more people, add more scallops & asparagus and enough lemon juice and butter to about halfway cover the seafood.

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