Believe it or not, numerous chigger fools have attempted to rap in several different Asian languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese. Result? An utterly horrible form of "music", loved by the Asian G's because it's "their music". Or maybe it just has a nice strong beat so it's good for dancing. All in all, an utter failure. Asian rap sounds horrible for a number of reasons.

Haven't these dimwits realized that English is inherently different from Asian languages in general? This includes language structure, phonetics, everything. Japanese has some semblance of an alphabetic system, which allows Japanese rap to sound somewhat normal. Korean rap and Chinese rap might as well give up. It's hard enough to get the characters to rhyme, never mind change tone in mid-character!

Plus the fact that it sounds plain kooky to hear some monotonous, badly-dressed Asian rapper drone on into the microphone while in the background, several semi-nude women writhed and danced on the MTV video. Is this music, or is it a show? Asian rap not only sounds bad, it lacks the attitude of Western rap. The lyrics suck, and they don't make sense.

The whole mess degraded in the usual Asian fashion, that is, a quickie promotion on highly publicized events to make it "cool", then tossing it out to the drooling Asian youth, so it sells like hotcakes. Chiggers are so gullible. See? With enough jazzy marketing and the correct target market, you can sell just about anything to those fools.

Even Wesley Willis can rap better.

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