Art Farmer (b. 1928 - d. 1999) was one of jazz music's steadiest trumpters, performing and teaching from his early years up until his death. He had a very melodic, and I'd say introspective style. In his solos he eschewed some of the more fiery licks of many contemporary trumpeters in favor of well-constructed and intellectual lines.

Farmer began his career in big bands led by Jay McShann and Benny Carter. His famous collaboration with Benny Golson began in 1959 with the formation of the Jazztet, which included Curtis Fuller on the trombone and Farmer's twin Addison Farmer on bass. During this time Farmer also switched to playing the mellow-toned flugelhorn. The Jazztet disbanded after a few years, but then reformed in 1982 with Golson and Fuller and a young rhythm section. In these later years Farmer was most pleased with his tone on the flumpet, a crossbreed of the trumpet and flugelhorn.

In 1968 Farmer moved to Vienna where he was able to find more work. He received a music Ph.D. and was a very successful trumpet teacher.

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