Arran Fernandez is the youngest person ever to pass a GCSE exam in Great Britain, achieving a D grade in Maths at the ripe old age of 5 years, 11 months. Arran has never actually been to school, but received all his tutelage at home from his parents who are both very well educated, however his father lacks faith in the British educational system, and criticises parents for not pushing their kids hard enough.

Arran's speciality is integer sequences, and apparently he has discovered some that research mathematicians had never even touched upon before.

He was rewarded for his triumph, not with a trip to Alton Towers, but with an Archemedian Solid mounted on a brass plaque. Arran's father, on the other hand, won £1000 in a bet with friends. His parents insist he is "just a normal little boy".

Wait till the hormones kick in...

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