Arion, pronounced uh-rye-un, is the bassist for the alternative band Third Eye Blind.

He was born and raised in Oakland, CA on August 9, 1970. There he attended Skyline High School but never graduated. In 1988, he was offered a scholarship at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco, though he wasn't much of a student and dropped out after a year.

Arion spent the next four years in San Francisco bands such as Risk, Fungo Mungo, and Curveball. Fungo Mungo was the most sucessful of those bands, releasing an album in 1992 called Humungous.

In mid-1993 Arion met up with Stephan Jenkins. Together they formed Third Eye Blind, along with original guitarist, Tony Fredianelli, and rotating drummers. In 1997, Third Eye Blind released their debut self-titled album with guitarist Kevin Cadogan and drummer Brad Hargreaves and in 1999, they released Blue.

Some random interesting facts about Arion: he doesn't have his driver's license, he loves Japanese culture, and he has a cat with two tails named Ella. His major musical influences are Paul McCartney and The Beatles.

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