Are you sure you want to paste these records?

"You are about to paste X* record(s). Are you sure you want to paste these records?" is the question that I find myself faced with on a daily basis. Perhaps this wouldn't be so annoying if it only did it the first 5 or 10 times, but when I have to do it an exponentially higher number of times than this, it starts to get under my skin. Does Microsoft Access really believe that it's possible to accidently go to a table, select all the data, copy the data, go over to the destination table and hit "Paste Append"? Surely there is enough time in this process to warrent certainty with this decision. Not once have I gone back on my intentions and not pasted the table, despite their persuasions to change my mind, and yet Access never ceases to deluge me with questions to which I'm sure it already knows the answers. After all, if Microsoft knows what street I live on, they must know that I do indeed want to paste these records. User-friendly? I think not.

*X refers to whatever number of records that happen to be getting pasted at the time (usually it ranges from 400-3000)

There are several shareware packages available at that will allow you to turn these confirmation dialogs and many other wifey Windows "features". They all cost money of course:(

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