A regular playground trick from my youth. I don't know if it was just my school or a global thing, but here's the gist of it anyway:

  1. You approach another kid, preferably someone you don't like. It is important that you have a group of friends watching.
  2. Casually, ask them "Are you Benny tied to a tree?" - as far as I can tell, this refers to Benny, from Crossroads (shit British soap), a lovable dimwit similar to Larry Drake's character on L.A. Law, also called Benny, amazingly enough. (These and Forrest Gump inspired the "cute disabled guy" sketch, but I can't find out which show that was on)
  3. Not wishing to be associated with a mildly retarded TV character, no matter how lovable, the kid will of course reply "No" - they can't possibly say yes, how would that look? "Yes, I am Benny tied to a tree, what of it?" No, they have to deny it.
  4. You must then point at them and scream "AAAAGH! Benny on the loose!" repeatedly, while running away - with hilarious consequences.

Kids are evil bastards, they really are.

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