Ardi Gasna is a traditional farmhouse cheese of sheep's milk, unpasteurised, produced the same way for centuries in the Basque region. The name Ardi Gasna means sheep cheese in the Basque language.

Ardi Gasna is commonly used as a table cheese, especially for grating. It is produced in large wheels, and has a crusty yellow rind, dusted in grey molds. The cheese is only produced in spring and late summer, and is highly prized in France for its sweet and clean flavour, and sharp nutty aftertaste. It has a fat content of 50%.

Ardi Gasna is produced by two cheesemakers: Claude Dupin, of 41 rue Gambetta, 64500 Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and A. and M. Garat, of Halles de Biarritz 64200 Biarritz.

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