Dear, Ginger

I know we’re stuck on this dreaded island, but would you like to meet somewhere, preferably out-of-sight from the others sometime?  We can pretend we’re drinking coffee while having a most delightful conversation.  Maybe I can concoct some Japanese food, and watch the stars on the silent moon-lit beach.  And you know, Ginger, we could always visit an aquarium somewhere.  One that has a carousel, even!  Whatever you prefer.  Don’t tell anyone, but I built a Scarab on the other side of the island.  The 454 just came in from Michigan last Monday.  That baby purrs!

Please do excuse my ineloquent approach here, however. It's just that I see you every day, and I honestly believe i've known you in dreams since I was but a wee child; and, well, I am myriad adjectives describing a beautifully mysterious desire for and or about you.

I felt the most intense rush the moment i first saw you walking onto the boat that fateful eve.  You somehow managed to erase so many of my preoccupations with nothing more than subtle grazes of your hand upon mine.  The natural rhythm of your hips quelled my fears as the waves swelled and thrashed us to-and-fro like mere rag dolls penultimate to arrival.

And I don't believe this is just another dream.



With Most Eversible Sincerity,

   The Professor




Until you, I’ve never felt such a freight train of simultaneous desire and admiration.  Your voice is straight-up magic.  You surprised me and swept me off my feet as if I were the lead in a futuristic romantic comedy.  At the very, very least, thank you for filling a hole in my soul with your interminable spark of life.

Together, we could disintegrate the planet's collective unconscious until everything has gone all Caligula, or something.. um.. Do u like me 2?



thurston sux, omg, u know i saw him do it with a monkey! 4 ril ask g-man, he was totally here and we were like wtf! nast!


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