Worst actor ever(!). Even for B-Movies, and that's pretty bad.
Lovingly referred to as a 'cyst with hair' and 'a cabbage patch elvis' by the MST3K gang, Arch Hall was a living joke.

He appeared in the following movies:

The Choppers1961 (He was 16 going 40 when they filmed this.)
Wild Guitar 1962 (No real story. Just him singing most of the time.Ugh.)
Eegah 1962 ( There is a damn funny MST3K version of this. It also stars Richard Kiel of Moonraker)
The Sadist 1963 (His attempt at real acting. He played the title role of homicidal maniac, kills a bunch of people then falls into a snake pit and dies.)
The Nasty Rabbit 1965 (I don't even know)
and Deadwood 1965

The most amusing part of his career is how he got the roles....his father, Arch Hall Sr., was always the producer. He apparantly wanted his son to be a big time teen heart-throb a la Frankie Avalon. Which is why he always had him playing guitar and singing in every other scene. Even when it made no sense to do so.

...All I have to say is : "Craptacular!".

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