Arabic puns. Inspired from Japanese puns that are not funny but at least are puns.

Children like to play repetition word games with each other. Here are some examples.

Khinzeerana (our pig). Quick repetition will yield Ana Khinzeer (I am a pig).

Kalbana (our dog). Repetition with no pauses will yield Ana Kalb (I am a dog).

Generally, insert any one word intended for insult with ana (our) at the end of the word. Quick repetition will make ana sound as if it came before the cuss word, which turns it from our to I am.

Wateemak (no meaning or translation). Repeat quickly with no pause. Sound like Makwatee (my ass) after a couple of repetitions which causes the repeater to stop out of embarrassment.

Zeeti ( no meaning ). Repeat until Teezi ( my ass ) start to appear.

Wahkhis ( no meaning ). Repeat until Khiswah ( testicle ) start to appear.

The above three examples are used by splitting the word in the middle, and switching the first half at the end and the last half at the beginning. More puns can be created this way by a little use of imagination.

These puns are intended to embarrass the repeater and amuse the person who asked his or her victims for repetition.

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