So I've learned that Wikipedia is trying to decide whether Hillary Clinton ought to be allowed to rename herself or whether that counts as misogyny. I half suspect that the request (made anonymously) is from Clinton herself (through some intermediary, naturally) as part of her next-campaign positioning.

In other news, nobody entered my homonym rhyme contest!! Bummer -- if I push the deadline another month will anybody? Prizes!!

Lastly, node auditing proceeds thusly:

Segnbora-t is done.
Pseudo_Intellectual is done.
kthejoker is done.
lediablerouge is done.
per ou is done.
Lucy-S is done.
Rancid_Pickle is done.

No queueue at this time. I've been quizzed before, what is this node audit of which I speak? Simply put, I pick a noder and read all their nodes. Then I vote on them (usually, unless I'm totally on the fence. I'd guess I make a vote 98% of the time. I try to be generous in spirit, and up vote things that are interesting or well written or have some other redeeming quality even if they present a viewpoint counter to my own. Sometimes if there are a few other wu's in a node, I'll read those as well.

Why do I node audit? I dunno. Something to do. I find a lot of interesting stuff that way. There are far too many written words in the world now for any person to peruse them all, so since I'm already here I may as well do my reading here. Besides, that's what nodes are for, to be read, right?

Blessings, all!!

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