I am terribly excited. I've recently been accepted (along with sarabandegreen) into a program that will be starting up at UNM. The program will be a 2 year course in violin making and playing. The class had an 8 student limit (that was pushed to 10). Hot damn...that's all i have to say.

The class in question

I will be attempting to journal the course of this class. I'll cross post to my lj but expect to see more updates from me as the class progresses. I will also make an attempt to post that which i learn in class on this site, as best as i can at least. How exactly one would go about describing the exact process of violin construction within the context of this site is something that sarabandegreen and i have been discussing off and on for a while now. I imagine that if the use of images in writeups ever gets implemented that feature would recieve heavy use.

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