Well, all manner of minor irritants in life these past few weeks. Some not so minor. Trying to maintain my new-found equilibrium; so far, managing. Had a couple of bad days, but got through them by reminding myself of how I'd felt not so long before, and telling myself I'd get back there again. So far, it's worked.

Car issues. I love my car. But it's expensive as all living f--k to maintain. I could get rid of it, but then I'd pay as much or more per year for rental cars, because I tend to take week-long trips four or five times a year. Or I could replace it, but finding a car that is as good as this one to drive? Well, $25,000 minimum for one that won't be much younger than mine but has fewer miles. Or I could spend over $80K on the current new version BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA yeah right.

So, for the nonce, I shall pay the piper to replace the radiator, and the thrust mount bushings, and so on, and so forth.

On the plus side, my eBook of The New York Magician is being professionally edited (copy and proof) and laid out for cross-platform 'tronic publication, so that it can be offered for sale! I don't think I'll ever make a profit on it, but hell, it'll be fun to see up there on Amazon. More news as it happens.

Oh, and after over a year, the interactive fiction game I've been working on is pretty much done. I might tweak it before I announce it to the IFDB, but hey, if anyone is interested, you can play it right now. I rewrote the beginning a bit since the last beta, so hopefully it flows better now. The game is based on a story I wrote, and it is available here! It can be downloaded as a gblorb, or it can be played in a browser. Both links are available on that page. If you have any feedback, positive or negative or other, I'd be extremely grateful if you'd /msg me with it. See if you can find the E2 easter eggs in it. :-)

Keep on keeping on, all.

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