Just wait a minute

This is not really a daylog about the pandemic. Ok, it is, but only because everything right now seems to be about the pandemic. There is a saying about how changeable the weather is here in my part of the US, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute". The COVID-19 situation seems a lot like that, except the change, so far. is only for the worse. I live in a community that is "late to the party", so my sense is like being in the eye of a hurricane. In all directions around our town things are much worse than here. Just wait a minute.

Since the birth of my new grandson, I'm off of daily childcare duty. Less time spent watching a two year old means more time for yard care, gardening and such. The rain is what is holding me up now. Not only is that delaying the mowing of my acre of sod, it is also making the grass grow even faster. Gardening is less hampered by the rain, since I can still plant seed and transplant starts into larger pots. I'm really glad to have a greenhouse at such a time.

I have friends who are at varying stages of denial regarding the pandemic. Their denial ranges all the way from, "There IS a pandemic but it is being greatly exaggerated." to, "There is NO pandemic, it is all part of a huge conspiracy by...blah, blah..." All I can say to them is, "Just wait a minute".

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