I have written a song about Chevy Chase which is in the style of the late, great Wesley Willis. It goes like this.

He played a prominent role in shaping America's comedy scene in the 1980s
although he was in fewer films than I remember
most notably he was not in 'Ghostbusters'
unlike his close contemporary, Dan Aykryod,

Che-vy! Cha-aaase!

It is very hard to spell Aykroyd without looking it up
but I digress, Chevy Chase rocked hard in 'Fletch' and 'Caddyshack'
he rocked harder than a lion
whipping a motherfucker's ass with a belt
sometimes I like to imagine him whipping ME with a belt
him, stripped to the waist, and so forth

Instrumental verse

Alas the back-to-back releases of 'Spies Like Us' and 'Three Amigos!'
in 1985 and 1986 essentially terminated his career and apart from 'Christmas Vacation' in 1989
he might as well have retired (and much the same could be said of
Juliette Lewis, whose career also went downhill after that film);
'Memoirs of an Invisible Man'? What the hell?

Rock over London
Rock on, Tommy

Also, I have written a short rhyme about him. It goes like this.

Chevy Chase
is also a place

Several places, but here's one of them:

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