Ack! The message system is broken!

Yesterday I noticed that one of my recent writeups was on the "Cool User Picks!" again, which seemed weird because I had not received one of those nifty little notifications from the system. When I checked the node, it actually had been C!ed a couple of times without the message appearing. I did see the general experience point notifications (which does not rely on the message system in e2 in the way that the messages telling you someone gave you a C! does). I sent jaybonci a message explaining what had happened, but then realized potentially that message isn't getting through either. So if any of you seen him in the catbox, please mention it.

On a related note, if you sent me a message in the last couple days, there's a good chance I did not receive it.

Finally, I was surprised and pleased to see a lot of old names respond to the A History of Everything2 writeup. Up until I began to suspect the message system may be broken, I was encouraging each of the people who had messaged me about it or gave it a C! to try and find a little time to post something. In many cases it had been years since some (most, really) of those folks had shared anything in writing on e2. It would be wonderful to see something from each of them detailing what the last few years had surprised them with or even disappointed them. Years ago I gave up on the idea that e2 could be a Wikipedia-like online encyclopedia because I realized it was the human element that set us apart in the first place. So seeing some writing from all of you past humans would be a real treat.

Thanks again everyone for keeping this place alive.

- corvus (nee Monkeylover)

Edit: Looks like the messages came through this morning, I'm not sure if something got fixed or the whole thing was just a figment of my imagination. I do know that at least four C!s did not receive a system notification for my inbox, but that seems to be working again. Have a nice weekend all!

Yesterday's dream was odd.

The train was from the past. The elderly aunts were dressed in late 1800s clothes, down to the ankle skirt and bustle and layers and ruffles....some of the time. The train car was empty except for them and the children. The train was going through miles and miles of land with no people, no towns, no fracking. Sage brush and dust and sun and rabbits.

The children were dressed in modern clothes, mostly, except that they flicked back into 1890s clothes.

There were no train personnel.

The two men were never more than shadows. Their faces weren't seen, and the rape of the children was not specific.... almost as if I was inhabiting the other child each time. The emotions were very specific.

In the dream I knew it was unfair that the children blamed the elderly aunts. The elderly aunts were all the children had, yet could not protect them from the malevolent men. From damage, from rape, from terror. And there is still so much of that in the world...both terror and blaming the wrong people while the shadows walk off not caring.

Another dream of fours: four people and two shadows and a train....

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