Alright, let’s see. 7:47 or 1:47 Zulu, and I have a somber feeling. It is like the quiet before the storm feeling, or the moment of serenity before an ambush. I don’t know yet what is going on, but I guess that is a good thing, right. When you are in the know you are under the spotlight. People have a way of knowing when you know something, you know; it is released in their pheromones or something. It might be in the persons strut, or the way they hold their head, but you can tell.

Maybe it just me. I get that a lot. I am clearly a different kind of folk. They say I am not from around here. I am starting to believe them too. I know it is weird, but weirder things have happened.

Is it me or can you tell I have been toking the vaporizer all day?

Oh yeah, by the way, Happy Easter; it is time celebrate, be marry, for it is spring once again.

No. Wait, they are telling me Easter is about sacrifice and some other deep shit like that, or whatever. It is cool with me; just give some of the good foods.

Who just turned out the light? (Gets up and turns the light back on.) Man that was odd, what do you think is significance there, or am looking too deep for metaphorical signs?

(Stares off into space for a little bit.)

I am too tired, maybe later.

(Retreats at 8:27 for several rounds involving massive loads of the self-proscribed sugar and dopamine remedy.)

(with an estimated return time undetermined.)

So this day log is getting stretched out a bit, it is now 10:01 the next night and I just received my 100th egg from the wheel of surprise. To be honest it isn’t really that big of a deal, I just wanted to find something to lead into the next section of the log. However, this doesn’t seem to be working and I think I will go back to gambling.

I must be on a lucky streak, second free ching of the night. Who should I give it to, you Mr. Fishie Face, or to you the 3rd Grand Simmzy? Perhaps I should give it to someone even closer, but still further out than the last two. I have no clue, what do you guys do with two cools to give when you have two cools to give?

As we speak, well, as I type, I am still gambling. I know I have a problem. I can tell because I only give up when I run out of loot to bet with.

Whoa…Whoa…Whoa… Hold the phone. Ok so, who’s the racist that put in the black token joke? That is so distasteful, I am a shamed that joke is allowed while my jokes and I are being remonstrated against, but what can you do, life is unfair. I guess nothing, so fuck the ching, I am gambling.

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