Let me tell you a story about a very pretty Guyanese girl by the name of Stacey.

Stacey is rich. Her parents own a whole shit-ton of car dealerships in Guyana. Stacey has decided to come to the States to pursue an education. Stacey gets straight A's, works hard in all her classes, watches her calories and her figure (and it shows), and lives a good, clean life in general. She doesn't smoke (cigarettes or anything else), and hardly ever drinks. Stacey is the ideal person, or so it would seem. Stacey meets a boy in school and they start going out. He's a nice guy, good looking, pretty built, relatively intelligent and above all, he seems to really love Stacey. Some might say he loves Stacey too much.

Stacey and I share a class, Genetics. It's a 3600 level biology course, so I know she's no idiot from the day I meet her. But this story isn't about my encounters with Stacey, oh no. I see Stacey occasionally in school and exchange smiles with her, but outside of that I have no interest in her. A friend of mine, however, did take an interest in Stacey, about 3 weeks ago.

"Man, that girl Stacey is really fine," Kris says to me after class one day. "I think I'm going to try and get with that." And so it began.


I know only bits and pieces of this story, but from what I could piece together, Stacey and her boyfriend have been having some issues. He's a bit unstable and quick to anger, and she has a habit of letting people walk all over her. Stacey and Kris have a brief conversation after a class one day. Stacey tells him she's broken up with her boyfriend, and they exchange numbers. They hang out for the next few nights and within the week they're fucking.

It's great for Kris. Every time he comes over he has new and exciting details to share with me, despite my lack of any interest in his sexual exploits. It's all good at this point. But soon, Stacey's ex starts to get suspicious. In his mind, they're still together. He has no idea Kris has been violating his 'girl' on a nightly basis.

"I think I'm gonna have to fight this guy man," Kris tells me one night as we're passing a blunt around the table.

"Nah man, I know this guy. He's a softie." I say, smoke pouring out of my mouth with every syllable.

"I guess we'll see."



Another week passes. Tensions are building, Stacey is growing more attached to Kris with every passing day. He starts to look for an exit strategy.

"So how is your little relationship with Stacey going to work out once you're in Tampa?" I ask him one day at the gym. He's planning on doing his last year of college at USF in Tampa, because of all the "hot Indian girls" Tampa apparently has to offer.

"I don't know man," he says to me with a smile. I know that smile all too well.

Later that day he tells Stacey he is done with her, in no unspecific terms. They have a brief argument, and she gets mad at him for a while. Later that night Kris tells me he plans on getting with Stacey again, "one last time". He calls her and within minutes she is all over him again.


Two days ago, Kris and Stacey's ex had a confrontation. Though Kris had been with Stacey the night before, he was alone in his own bed when his phone rang. Stacey's ex said he looked through Stacey's phone and found some incriminating text messages. Kris doesn't really believe it (after all, he was with her a few hours earlier), but he tells this guy the truth anyways. Stacey's ex is heartbroken. This was his first real relationship. He says he doesn't hate Kris, but wants nothing to do with him. They agree to give each other some space.

I hear about all of this in another conversation with a smiling Kris. He is extraordinarily happy lately. Stacey is angry with Kris. He basically threw her under the bus by admitting to everything. She doesn't know what to do. My friend convinces her everything is okay and they continue fucking.



Today, Kris pushed the boundaries a bit further. He straight up told Stacey he had "gotten what he wanted" and was done with her. She gets angry and calls him the devils spawn.

"We're really alike, you and I," he says to her, "We're both playing games. I'm just going to screw you over before you screw me over. I'll call you later for make-up sex."

Stacey was furious, apparently. Just now, I got a text from Kris.

"I'm back in it baby! I was blown away, but I guess sometimes you just gotta believe in magic, hah."

I'm startled. He comes over for a bowl before he goes over to Stacey's.

"Yeah so she called me and was like 'Are you done with the gym?' and I said 'yeah.' I asked her what was up and she was like, 'nothing,' and I said, 'tell me, I want to know because I care...' and that was it. She wants to watch a movie with me later."

I find it incredibly hard to believe that Stacey is this gullible. Here is a guy who makes very little effort to hide the fact that he's just looking for some sex. He lies, he cheats and he makes girls look like sluts. Yet every girl he has screwed over still thinks he's a "good guy." Stacey is just one out of many. Kris's next endeavor is to have sex with Stacey's hot sister, who is going out with another guy in our Genetics class. How he plans on doing this, I have no idea, but with some of the shit he's pulled lately, I'm thinking he might be able to pull this off.

Hey, who am I to judge? 


Here we go again. It's been a maddening last few months, and it's only getting longer. The USS Ramage is the most deployed destroyer in the US Navy right now. We've been out since January. There's a chance that come next January, we'll still be here. I don't know yet. Couldn't give details here even if I did. Gah.

With a little luck, I'll be home sometime this year, but I just don't know yet. Can't there be some sanity for me? Not in Nottingham. I've laughed, I've cried, I've ranted, cursed, swore, then retreated and just pondered. There's only just so much to do in a 500-foot iron box, y'know? It's easy to get cabin fever. But anyway.

I'm gonna go play Nethack.

We buried mom yesterday.

It was a lovely, Buddhist service at graveside. The sun came out just in time; and was setting with firey colors by the time it was over.

It just couldn't have been more perfect.

Life had been in a sort of suspended-animation phase for the last month. Now maybe I can move on.

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