That is great news up above for friend Staysosoft and his love muffin. Let us all embrace them and give them our love. They are part of our family and now we own this kid because it was advertised on the site. Good stuff.

I've been moved to Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey because there wasn't room anywhere else for me to finish the medical stuff to make sure my new internal organs don't keep falling out the way they did in the hospital parking lot the other night. That was uncomfortable but not painful and I was able to drink an ale while this was going on. It wasn't like the time those kids duct-taped an M-80 inside my mouth and set it off and I drank mead out of a plastic bucket, but it is up there. It is up there. Just like the sky and airplanes are up there. It is up there. Are we clear on this? Can i move on?

They are telling me that they require 72-hours of "observation" to clear me. Then I can go back to finding a lady lover to satisfy my extremely unnatural cravings. I want to make sure that the organs are installed right because during hardcore sex with a tender lady, when I am slamming her and pouring molted gold into her ear canal for my enjoyment purposes, I don't want my organs spilling out on her face. It can be a mood ruining moment.

And I prefer "doing it" in the eagle position.

I await your longings, ladies. I have a lot of free time while recovering. Come to the Bedlam Psychiatric Hospital and spend the night with me. You'll never be right in the head again, I promise.

My friends.

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