I am curious. I sort of expect the average educated adult to have a passing familiarity with geometry and to at least be able to recite the Pythagorean theorem in some form.

That being said, I have a quick little poll: given an equilateral triangle, say, all sides are 2. Please /msg me if you can figure out how high the triangle is, its altitude or height (a perpendicular line drawn from one corner of the triangle to the opposite side). Also please /msg me if you have no idea.

I think I'm a little disconnected with the level of mathematics that the population at large has, so I'm just trying to get a rough, anecdotal, and unscientific idea. I'm not trying to quiz you or figure out if you're "smart" or not. I don't think you're dumb if you don't know the answer, just as I wouldn't think you're dumb if you don't know what a musical scale looks like. I'm especially interested in hearing your answer if you were "never any good at math" or if you hate the subject, or if you just can't be bothered to try to figure it out.


About a year ago, I found an internet forum for discussing beards and facial hair and posted a couple times until some guys started hitting on me. I thought they were creepy and weird until I realized that's probably a reasonable way to pick up guys. I was the one who was just there to chat about moustaches.

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