Well, we all know the hassles of cleaning the bedroom. It happens to us all. We work, and work, and work, just to get it tidy, only to watch it become filthy the minute you step out of the door. Then comes the inevitable. Your parents come through the door, and start complaining about mess, and tell you to tidy it up again. Well folks, you can now use the laws of physics to tell your parents that your room is physically impossible to keep tidy, just by using enthalpy equations! First, we take this equation: ΔG = ΔH - TΔS Where ΔG - change in Gibbs free energy ΔH - change in enthalpy ΔS - change entropy T - temperature Entropy, as we know, is a measurement of how disorganised and chaotic something is, say like, your room, and we all know that to make your room tidy, you need to put energy into it. Therefore, the process is endothermic, and the enthalpy change (the energy change) will be positive when the entropy is negative. This means that when the room becomes more disorganised, that it will be an exothermic process, giving off energy. We also know that to tidy a room, an infinitely large amount of energy must go in to cause a small change in organisation. This must hold true for the reverse process, meaning that when a room becomes more disorganised, it gives off an infinitely large amount of energy. This means that when the above equation is used, ΔG will always be negative, meaning this reaction will happen spontaneously as soon as you stop putting energy into it. In simple terms, as soon as you stop attempting to tidy your room, it will spontaneously degenerate into the equivalent of a bomb-site, and now you know why! And who said science wasn’t useful?
This data is only semi-factual and requires the extreme fudging of the laws of physics to work. Not guaranteed to prevent grounding or similar punishments for having an untidy room. That is all.

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