ApocoCrisp Nowtm is the new food product of the millenium that will really change the world! Just 5:00 in your microwave, and you'll have a taste that really blows your world apart!

Here's what our subjec... err, I mean, volunteers said about ApocoCrisp Nowtm

  • "It tastes like an apocolypse in my mouth!"
  • "Mmmmpphhh.. crackle... snap... BOOM!"
  • "Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhh!!!!"
  • That's right, ApocoCrisp Now! Find it in your grocer's lead-shielded freezer section, right next to the Uranium-232 Nuggets and the 70% enriched Plutonium Flakes!

    Try our other products! Blight of the Universe Pizzatm, Nuclear Winter Ice Cream Noveltiestm, and Rocket Pocketstm!!

    Warning: The FDA has not approved any of these products for the purpose of consumption by humans, or any other living creature.
    The Surgeon General has deemed these products hazardous to your health, and recommends not even patronizing stores that carry these products due to potential health problems from exposure.

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