And so, from the ashes of this Golden Age of Confusion
the Denim Recruits came to be known as
the Apocalypse Dudes

Apocalypse Dudes is the fourth and album by norwegian Death Punk band Turbonegro. It was released in 1998, sending the band out of its underground obscurity and into its 15 minutes of fame, before Hank Von Helvetes breakdown and the bands breakup in an psychiatric emergency ward in Milan during the Darkness Forever tour that fall.

According to Jello Biafra, Apocalypse Dudes may have been "the most important European record ever". The album is an extragavant composition in Turbonegro's own style of music, self-labeled as Death Punk. It combines punk, hard rock, glam and large doses of homoeroticism in a lovely cocktail of greatness.

Unfortunately, while there is little music that is as entertaining to sing along to (or simply sing out loud) as some songs from this album, they are so well known here in Norway that the shock value of quoting songs about "merging Zeus and Spartacus in Rendevouz with Anus" is lost. The album has a legendary status here, and it is well deserved.

Track List

1. "The Age of Pamparius" – 5:59
2. "Selfdestructo Bust" – 2:55
3. "Get It On" – 4:08
4. "Rock Against Ass" – 3:49
5. "Don't Say Motherfucker, Motherfucker" – 2:10
6. "Rendezvous With Anus" – 1:59
7. "Zillion Dollar Sadist" – 3:20
8. "Prince of the Rodeo" – 3:45
9. "Back To Dungaree High" – 2:57
10. "Are You Ready (For Some Darkness)" – 3:35
11. "Monkey On Your Back" – 2:52
12. "Humiliation Street" – 5:54
13. "Good Head" – 4:08

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