I die when I recall your silent footfall.
Loud as thunder, my heart pounds out the staccato rhythm
Of desire and fire, it's a live wire.
I ache when I think of times gone by, good and bad.
Why am I so sad? You are the fool I was played for.
Oh, let me through the door to your soul, the one I abhor.
A second is an eternity and second-best is not for me.
Nevermind that I whittle my time down with apathy,
Blank, like a plank in my eye, like your Karma that ran over my dogma.
My faith is a still puddle of experiences, unmolested by hope or love.
If fear is laughter then a tear, to me, is Joy. Someone please hold this boy.
You flutter around me, like clutter on the sea, everywhere I try to be.
Point to a star and there you are, twinkling and playful in your celestial dance,
Swift as a razor's edge, sharp as an anvil on my head.
I wish that I could cry and stop living this lie.
You've lost it, old chum. There's nothing left for you but debts.
Each dime and obligation weighs like a ton on my shoulders.
If I could cut them loose, just break free, I'd dance and laugh with glee.
Set me free, let me go. I'm dying here, or didn't you know?
How could you not? You held the blade and administered the shot.
So here I am. Which pound of flesh do you want?
It's on sale, cheap. Guaranteed to make you leap
For Joy, a tear, a rip, a rent of my heart.
Get it while it's hot, still dripping with blood, nice and juicy.
Deadbeats and beatnicks need not apply.

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