Apartment 26 is a band out of England whose music contains aspects of techno and hard rock. It's somewhere between Prodigy and Orgy.

The band consists of:

  • Biff Butler-vocals
  • Jon Greasley-guitars
  • Louis Cruden-bass
  • A.C. Huckvale-programming and keyboards
  • Kevin Temple-drums

Biff Butler, the vocalist, is related to one of the members of Black Sabbath. This is probably why he is listed simply as Biff in most releases concerning the band. He wouldn't want to be overshadowed by his kin.

Apartment 26 was formed in the mid-90's with Biff, Jon, and Louis. When A.C. joined the band, the sound changed from a straightforward metal sound to be a little more techno. Kevin was brought in to enhance the beats with actual drums.

The band recorded a demo in 1998 which was picked up by Doug Firley, who had co-produced Gravity Kills' two studio albums. He liked it, and so the band recorded Within, a five-song EP, which they independently released.

After this, the band was asked to perform on the second stage of Ozzfest '99. This opened huge doors for the band. They were signed to a major record deal, and released the album Hallucinating. They have also appeared on a few compilation albums.

The name Apartment 26 comes from the movie Eraserhead. The main character lives in apartment 26. As it turns out, the number 26 is referred to in many of David Lynch's works, so the band decided to name themselves after the references.

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