Ants on a Board is the "official" name of the popular kids' snack that most (normal) families have had at least once. God damn this is nearly a cut-n-paste.

MATERIALS: The material list is very cheap and easy to come by. You can build this with household materials!
  • Bread - As much as one estimates can eat as a snack. Sometimes quartered.
  • Peanut Butter - A standard bread serving's worth.
  • Raisins - About 15-40 per slice of bread.
  • Butter Knife - Just one.

CONSTRUCTION: In just a few steps you too can own the luminescent "Ants on a Board."
  • 1. Chop the bread into snackable sizes. Adults can take a whole slice, some kids prefer quarters - use your judgement.
  • 2. Using the butter knife, spread peanut butter over one side of the bread. This isn't too exciting.
  • 3. Dot raisins amongst the peanut butter.
  • 4. Tell your kids it's Ants on a Board and they will think it's so much cooler than it is.
Very good, very yummy. Very yummy for my tummy. See also: Ants on a Log.

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