By John Donne

Salvation to all that will is nigh,
That All, which always is All everywhere,
Which cannot sin, and yet all sins must bear,
Which cannot die, yet cannot choose but die,
Loe, faithful Virgin, yields himself to lie
In prison, in thy womb; and though he there
Can take no sin, nor thou give, yet he'will wear
Taken from thence, flesh, which death's force may try
Ere by the spheres time was created, thou
Wast in his mind, who is thy Son, and Brother,
Whom thou conceiv'st, conceiv'd; yea thou art now
Thy maker's maker, and thy Father's mother,
Thou hast light in dark; and shutst in little room,
Immensity cloistered in thy dear womb.

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An*nun`ci*a"tion [L. annuntiatio: cf. F. annonciation.]


The act of announcing; announcement; proclamation; as, the annunciation of peace.

2. Eccl. (a)

The announcement of the incarnation, made by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary.


The festival celebrated (March 25th) by the Church of England, of Rome, etc., in memory of the angel's announcement, on that day; Lady Day.


© Webster 1913.

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