Author of many fine novels and short stories and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for The Shipping News. Tends towards very bleak, rugged stories, although occasionally breaks out with a couple lines that make you think nothing could be done to improve the universe. The best writer of sentences I've ever read. Also co-authored an article on making cider and a cookbook. Her first published book, Heart Songs, was published when she was 56. Published as E. Annie Proulx until her most recent book, Close Range.


Postcards, 1992 - About a man wandering around the country in the early part of the century, and how his absence affects his family in Vermont.

The Shipping News, 1993 - A social outcast loses everything and restarts his life in his ancestral home of Newfoundland.

Accordion Crimes, 1996 - A collection of stories about different ethnic groups' experiences in America, tied together by a green accordion. (Similar to the movie The Red Violin)

Compilations of short stories:

Heart Songs, 1989 - Mostly set in rural New England.

Close Range, 1999 - Stories based in Wyoming, often related to farming.

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