Author of the Cyborg 101 (1993) e-book. This book is a HOWTO guide for students. The techniques in the book are aimed to transform lazy, poor-performing dropouts, into a straight-A students. The author used the paradigm of the cyborg to represent the student. Cyborgs use organic and inorganic tools to achieve success, so can the student. From reading techniques to increasing physical stamina and energy. Angus also refers to Sun Tzu's Art of War 36 Stratagems, he explains how most of these stratagems can be used in everyday life.

From the web site:

"Angus spent 6 months of his life writing this book. For the entire 6 months, he woke up at 5am in the morning, and typed on his computer. In the afternoon, he went to various libraries in his city and did research. At night, he sorted through the research and added to his morning work. Then he slept at 11pm, and repeated the process the next day.

When the book was finished, he sent it to various publishers. Many of them thought it was an exciting idea, but they didn't dare publish it. Too controversial. Some wanted him to remove the "science fiction" aspect and turn it into a generic study guide. Some wanted him to remove certain theories because they thought it was too "technical." Most of them were afraid to print the chapters on smart drugs and military strategy. Finally, some of them wanted him to rewrite the whole thing as an auto-biography instead.

In the end, Angus decided that the main reason he wrote the book was to share his experiences and learning with other students facing the problems he had overcome. And in the end, he released the text version of his book into cyberspace."

The book and other resources can be found on the following web site:

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