The 2nd national forest in the United States established in December 1892. Its original name was the San Gabriel Timberland Reserve. It protects the mountains that provide the backdrop of Los Angeles and most of Los Angeles County. There are many wonderful hikes awaiting those who have the time and curiosity to go up there. I don't go up there very often, but there are a plentyful amout of trails for people to enjoy, some of the more well known include the Arroyo Seco Trail, the Dawn Mine Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Just watch out for rattlesnakes! As an annoying note, in 1996, the government decided to institute a demo program (It's been renewed at least 3 times!!), the Adventure Pass, a $5 parking fee for all Los Angeles area national forests, (Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino. According to the Forest Service 80% of the revenue goes back to the forests. I don't see a very significant difference, I've also read several reports that the opposite is happening! How does this help the government's image of wasteful spending?

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